Illustrated Map

In 2021, Ashford Borough Council commissioned Vincent Design to create a logo and identity for the South of Ashford Garden Community. They reached out to illustrator Sara Mulvanny to produce a bespoke piece of art which could help tell the story of this emerging place. Over the course of five months, several local people were asked to help shape this drawing, informing Sara's approach to the work. Their input drove multiple revisions to the drawing until the final that you see here was agreed. 

The result is this playful interpretation of not just the three developments, but of the wider context showing the villages of Great Chart, Singleton and Kingsnorth. It is an attempt to highlight the contrast between new and old, past and future. The drawing picks out a mix of local folklore, archeology and recent history which anyone local to the area will recognise.

The aim for the Council is to continue to work with local people (existing and new residents moving into Chilmington Green) to highlight these stories, memories and historical elements through articles on this website, special events and artistic projects in the community. 

Of course Sara's illustration isn't the whole story, it's just the start of a conversation... please click on the image to explore it further. 

Community Map