The South of Ashford Garden Community (SAGC) will be the thread which fastens together a series of distinct neighbourhoods emerging amongst the existing communities to the South of Ashford over the next thirty years and beyond.

By providing good governance and a commitment to long-term stewardship, the SAGC will guide decision making on sustainable transport networks, green spaces, high quality landscaping and community facilities for the benefit of both new and existing residents.

Priority will be given to pedestrian friendly spaces, inclusive venues and carbon neutral living using sustainable technologies where possible, whilst promoting healthy lifestyles and community leadership. 

In 2020, Ashford Borough Council adopted a Vision and Strategy which includes a 5 year action plan for the Garden Community. Since then, key partners have been working to carry out this plan in consult with residents.  

A summary of the Vision and Strategy with the bespoke illustrated map can be viewed here: SAGC Vision & Strategy Exec Summary [pdf] 2586KB 

Over the next thirty years the SAGC will deliver:  

Icon of a home
  7,250 homes of all tenures with below market affordable and social housing available


Icon of a plant  Innovative approaches to stewardship, and a long-term programme to support health & wellbeing 

Icon of a lanyard and staff ID badge  Circa 5,000 jobs to be created by a mix of commercial and institutional spaces

Icon of a football pitch  142 Hectare Strategic Park with Sports Centre

Icon of a shopfront  20,000m² of commercial space

Icon of a hand holding a plant  Over 50% green space across the development including ecologically protected areas 

Icon of a teacher in front of a whiteboard   5 Primary Schools and 1 Secondary School

Icon of hands holding a heart   10,000m² of community and healthcare floorspace